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Separated Fathers

What happens to dads after a split? Recent research shows that when a marriage ends, most fathers are left without the family home or primary care of the children. Men [...]

Life Cover for Young Couples with Children

The cheapest form of Life Assurance to protect a family is a product called ‘Term Assurance. How to pay less for your life cover. 1.      Check the type of policy you [...]

Getting Financial Advice. How Much does it cost?

Financial advisors may get paid by: Salary (where your advisor is employed by a financial services firm) Commission or sales incentive (where your advisor receives payment or bonus from the [...]

There are ways to try and reduce the cost

Posted by Jill Kerby on February 07 2010 @ 21:01 MMcH writes from North Dublin: I know you have written extensively about the importance of maintaining life insurance even in [...]

Family Protection Cover For Cohabiting Clients

When putting in place “family protection” cover for your cohabiting clients there are two things to consider: 1. Who the sum assured is intended for, and 2. How will that sum assured be [...]

Do you need Financial Advice?

Financial products can be complicated and it can be difficult to compare options and make the right decision for you. If you are confused by what is on offer, it's [...]

Life Insurance & Mortgage Protection scams

Mortgage protection & Life Assurance scams now very common. The Central Bank introduced a code of practice where firms are obliged to present information with sufficient clarity and prominence so [...]

Have you got it covered?

The Sunday Times 11/03/2012 Borrowers are being let down by specialist insurance policies that are supposed to take care of their debts if they die, lose their jobs, or cannot [...]

It doesn’t pay to be a loyal customer

On the life assurance, mortgage protection and serious illness front we have seen premiums fall. In normal circumstances a person who took out a policy such as mortgage protection a [...]

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