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PRSA AVC for Public & Private Sector

Save on each and every contribution you make to the plan for the life of the plan. RSA AVCs are owned by you – they are not arranged under trust and can be carried from employment to employment

Annual management charge 1%*
Bid offer spread 0%
Actual Allocation rate 0%

* Out of this 1% annual management charge, LABrokers are paid a commission of 0.25% by Zurich

PRSA AVCs are Additional Voluntary Contributions made through a personal Retirement Savings Account. This is a new and convenient method of funding for additional retirement benefits, and the majority of teachers have the scope to make PRSA AVCs.

If you have money to invest between now and retirement, it makes sense to consider PRSA AVCs.

By setting up your PRSA on a reduced commission basis through LABrokers you save on each and every contribution you make to the plan for the life of the plan.

The product LABrokers offer you is exactly the same as you would get through a Zurich channel elsewhere except we have decided to distribute Zurich’s PRSA on a much lower profit margin.

This philosophy works to your immediate advantage now and in the years to come.
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PRSA’s Consumer Guide (PDF)

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